AB Medical, Inc. is a leading company in the field of Medical supplies industry in South Korea, especially with our own Blood Collection Tube; V-TUBE™. AB MEDICAL provides the superb quality of Blood collection tube;
V-TUBE™ with our own distinctive technologies with competitive price in the global market -South East Asia, Middle Asia, European countries, Africa and South America.
There are three main factors that we make the superb quality of Evacuated Blood Collection Tube.
The first factor is AB MEDICAL’s own superb reagent technology that is proved to show clinically same function with BD Vacutainer™ by Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital.
Second factor is our high technology automatic facility with 6 patents that provide a precise quality with high speed; two workers produce 12,000 tubes per an hour.
Third factor is our reliable quality assurance system with related certificates; ISO13485, GMP, CE that prove our product’s excellent quality.
With V-TUBE™, we also deal with its manufacturing machines. We, AB MEDICAL not only provide physical products, but also serve technology transfer consulting for customers who are looking for. We always welcome inquiries!

  • Young-Gyun Kim
    CEO / AB Medical,Inc.